Pipe Threadings used in process Industries

I have seen many has problem in understanding the pipe adopters used in process industries. I too had the problem in initial stage but as time passed I get to learn about different adopters. I want to share some information about the adopters for the people like me who is facing problem in their initial stage in process industries.
The main confusion in the choice of adopter is their pipe threading. If the pipe has different threading then we have to use compatible adopter for that. For example, if we have 1/2” NPT(M) pressure gauge which has to be mounted on ½”  NPT(M) pressure line, we are bound to use ½”NPT(F) to ½”NPT(F) adopter. This adopter can also be written as ½”X ½” NPT(F) adopter. We can’t use pipe Nipple or adopter having BSP threading, which normally people try to do. If you seriously wants to fit the ½” NPT(M) into ½” BSP(F) pipe, then you have to use the proper adopter like 1/2” NPT(F) X ½” BSP(M) otherwise it will damage the treading of gauge as well as the adopter. It can also be fatal for the pressurized system because sealing will not be proper. If you do put NPT into a BSP socket, for example, and you have a bad result (as in somebody gets injured, or property gets damaged, or both) you should not be surprised when your insurer refuses to cover the damage claims.

I will try to explain each type of threading for the beginners in my next post.

Keep watching for many interesting topics which many misses thinking the topic as not significant. But keep in mind, nothing in this world is insignificant. Everything has its importance in your life when time comes. Some get to know it early some later in their life. 


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