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Changes in Minimum wages rates w.e.f. Jan'2013 to present

Construction Labour
Sometimes states minimum wage rate is higher then that of center

If you are currently employed in Manufacturing industries/Construction companies who need general maintenance contracts for their jobs to be done, then its very important for them to have a knowledge of minimum wages to be paid to their labours and keep them self updated of the changes which happen periodically.
As of Central wage rate is concerned, it changes on April and October every year. with a gap of Six Months.

As of States are concerned, they have their own timing for the change but they also follow the same rule of center.
Right Now, as of center directives, every contract should have the price variation clause to enable the contractor to pay their labours as per minimum wage decided by government.This is called PVC clause.
Here I am giving you the links of Center and West Bengal Government circulars of minimum wage for a reference.

Center revision of Minimum Wage rate from April 2013 to March 2015

  1.  w.e.f  April'2013 to Sept'2013
  2.  w.e.f  Oct'2013 to March'2014
  3.  w.e.f  April'2014 to Sept'2014
  4.  w.e.f  Oct'2014 to March'2015

West Bengal revision of  Minimum Wage rate from January 2013 to December 2014


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